Terrazzo floors

Concrete floor

Terrazzo or mosaic concrete

It is durable, beautiful material, which can be attributed to hard surfaces. Colours and patterns diversity allows embody many colourist and designer solutions. Unlike marble, terrazzo is mottled and spotted surface. Terrazzo is a great alternative to floor covering using natural stones, not only because of its appearance but also in terms of durables. Also this floor will be less slippery, unlike other similar materials. The advantages of the mosaic floor are its high decorative qualities and high resistance to abrasion. Another major advantage of using terrazzo floor is its high light-reflectance, which is particularly important for office buildings, hotels, restaurants and other constantly visited places. These places simply need to maintain positive professional image and look clean and neat. It means that areas with terrazzo floor increase the visibility and lighting is lees needed.

Creating a Terrazzo Floor:

Terrazzo floor design solution

Production of technical project

Terrazzo concrete production according to individual recipe

Terrazzo floor installation

Terrazzo Floor Restoration Works:

Terraco floor grinding

Terrazzo floor polishing

Floor impregnation

Hydrophobic impregnation of stones
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